How to Become a Canadian Taxpayer

16-ENG-Become-a-Canadian-Taxpayer-Articles-Featured-777Taxes-Accountant-Toronto-VaughanIf you’ve decided to become a Canadian taxpayer, starting with registering on the CRA website and accessing the “CRA MyAccount” service is a solid first step: Once you’ve reached the site, follow these steps:

Register with “CRA MyAccount” to Become a Canadian Taxpayer

  • Select Option 2 – click on the “CRA register” link.
  • Enter all the required information on the “Validate your identity” page. I recommend preparing a copy of your personal report from the last year, among other things. This document will help you answer some questions more easily with the numbers in front of you.
  • After one to two weeks, you will receive a code by mail.

By registering on the tax service website, you will gain access to all the financial information about you available in the CRA database. This means you’ll know everything they know about you—a notably convenient service. 🙂

Feel free to inquire about taxes, benefits, payments, or debts by calling the CRA at 1-800-959-8281.

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