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777 Taxes Services

Our guess is, you did not start your company to become an accountant. And you need not to get a CA designation to succeed in business. We are here to help you with numbers and all that nasty paperwork.
777 Taxes Inc. is a “small business friendly” tax and accounting services company. And that means we love to work with small and medium-sized businesses.

Here’s what we can do for our clients:

  • Accounting and bookkeeping services (A to Z);
  • Tax consulting and tax preparation;
  • Preparation of Scientific Research & Experimental Development (SR&ED) tax credit claims forms;

Additionally, we can:

  • Represent you before the CRA (Canada Revenue Agency) if needed;
  • Resolve all kinds of other business, accounting and tax related problems;
  • Work with you to develop your business and improve it;
  • Help you develop a comprehensive business plan to obtain a loan;
  • Review your investment portfolio and assess the risks;
  • Help you promote your business through our network.



A good accountant is NOT your business expense. It is a valuable ASSET to your company.

Which simply means good accountants MAKE YOU MONEY, not take it from you.

Now take a look at who we are and how we make our clients happy:

– We do not try to impress you with luxurious downtown offices and expensive suits (actually we prefer jeans). And we are entrepreneurs, so we do understand YOUR NEEDS…much better than anyone else.

– We have enough experience to deal with most complex accounting and tax situations, including problems with the Canada Revenue Agency. We stand behind our work. If at any time and for any reason you are approached by the CRA, we will represent your interests.

– As our client, you will deal with YOUR OWN accountant in our company, and he or she will try to fully understand your business (unless it is beyond understanding). In many cases, your accountant will speak your native language.

– You can call or e-mail us as much as you need without charge. Our policy is to respond within 24 hours but normally you will hear from us much sooner. The ONLY exception is holidays.

– When you become our client, all meetings at our offices are provided free of charge. No exception. Just call us to schedule the meeting.

– You will pay fixed fees, which are much lower compared to the ones big accounting firms charge their clients. Or, you might prefer to be charged on an hourly basis – in some circumstances that would make more sense to you.

– We speak plain English and keep jargon for our colleagues. We want you to feel comfortable every time you talk to us.

– We have a 100% Risk Free Guarantee Policy. Here’s how it works. In case you are not completely satisfied with our work, we will discuss the issue with you. You should notify us within 30 days of the work completed.

We are pretty sure the issue will be resolved to your full satisfaction. But if you still don’t like it, you may keep the money.

– Last but not least, WE DO CARE

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