“My wife and I have been Pavel’s clients for past eight years, ever since we came to Canada. And after we moved to the US he is still helping us with everything tax related. He is very knowledgeable, goes an extra mile to find information if additional one is needed, and, what is most appreciated, would always follow up with us until the result is reached (and having to file taxes in both countries we had our share of debates with Canada Revenue Agency). On the personal note Pavel is easily approachable, would patiently answer any question, no matter how difficult or simple it is, responds to emails or phone calls in the timely manner, punctual. Bottom line – we are not going anywhere any time soon”.

Stanislav B., MD at Lincoln Hospital, New York, USA (from LinkedIn)


“Pavel is great to work with. He fulfilled my request in a timely, professional, and efficient manner. He is never too busy to lend a helping hand, very professional and knowledgeable. Pavel is a dedicated professional. I am happy to have him in my professional network. I recommend him to others without hesitation. Thanks for all of your help Pavel!”

Maryna B., Richmond Hill, ON (from LinkedIn)


“I was trying to think of some negatives about folks at 777 Taxes but my only bad experience in 4 years of dealing with them (I have a small corporation) was parking. But even that was fixed last year when they moved to Vaughan. Very professional staff and they DO really care (as they claim on their website). I also like that Pavel always promptly responded to all my e-mails and returned phone calls. And he never charged me anything for any extra meeting or consultation during the year…5 stars…easy!”


Vlad B., Entrepreneur, Toronto, ON (from Google My Places)

“It may seem funny but I called 777 Taxes because I liked that name… Just wanted to talk to a new accountant – my previous one would not promptly return my calls. Long story short, we met with Pavel at his office, and I started asking questions. I felt he was a good professional but in my 17 years in business I have seen lots of them…at first I was not overly impressed. It all changed when Pavel answered: I don’t know to one of my questions. And he added: But I will find out and let you know… At this very moment something clicked in my head…I felt I could trust this guy. They call it moment of truth or something, I don’t know. So in my case it was kind of weird but I normally go with my gut feeling. Needless to say, I hired 777 Taxes to do my accounting and was never disappointed. I also sent couple my friends there and they all were pretty happy…”

Gerald V., Business Owner, Toronto, ON


“I’ve found that Pavel has an incredible, valuable knowledge of tax issues as they relate to business operations. He is able to translate his tax coaching knowledge into something tangible and beneficial. The key issue is that he is able to pinpoint tax saving strategies that a regular accountant often does not. The key benefit is that he’s able to help improve the bottom line of business accounting by using a proactive approach to tax reduction.”

Roger W., Business Owner, Markham, ON (from LinkedIn)


“Very honest and professional. Always generous with his time, advice and with precise information. Highly recommended.”

Vlad Z., Business Owner, Richmond Hill, ON (from GigPark)

“My story is pretty short. I hate paying taxes…well, that’s not a big surprise. But the last thing I need is getting on the CRA’s radar. I was referred to the 777 Taxes by one of my friends 3 years ago, and never regretted my decision to switch to them. Pavel can explain in plain English how to pay the least amount of taxes possible, without attracting the tax man’s attention. I believe he actually loves educating his clients on tax matters. He is definitely not one of those typical “bean counters”; I Would rather call him a “partner” in your business…They say in this country you need a good doctor, good mechanic, and a good accountant-damn right!!”

Tatiana C., North York, ON (from Yelp)