$777 For 7 Years of Personal Tax Preparation – Risk Free

Save money and time by signing up for our prepaid personal tax preparation services. The number of contracts is limited, and this offer could be withdrawn at any time.

Here is the deal. We offer our new clients 7 years of personal tax preparation (T1) for your whole FAMILY. By “family” we mean both spouses and their children who are not older than 19 at the end of the year. This is a prepaid service, and we will charge you only ONCE – $777 plus GST/HST for ALL 7 years. Listed below are some details:

- FREE initial meeting and consultation;

- unlimited number of T-slips;

- one statement of rental income per year (Form T776 of T1) per family;

- up to five securities transactions per family member per year;

- small businesses (Form T2125 of T1) will be charged an extra fee;

- you can get your money back at any time, no questions asked *

* your account will be charged $111 plus GST/HST for every year that you actually used our services.

To set up an appointment call Pavel 416-857-7570